Master’s Programs 


Your UNIAMAZON distance learning program will be a personalized program, designed just for you by you and your advisor. This flexibility to meet your needs is rarely found in other distance learning programs.

Our program does not require that all students study the same subjects and use the same books and other learning materials as all other students. Instead, our online master’s programs are designed just for you. They are individually designed to meet your needs and help you achieve your professional and personal goals. If you want much more than normal results from your efforts, the master’s programs at UNIAMAZON are what you are looking for.

The master’s program is offered for various disciplines and prepares students for advanced work in their field. The studies leading to the master’s degree are designed to provide the candidate with a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of their professional field, as well as training in data interpretation and analytical skills. One of the key objectives of the master’s program at UNIAMAZON is to provide students with the tools and confidence to carry out self-education; These skills are indispensable as they allow students to adapt to their constantly changing environment or situation without relying on a higher education institution. The criteria for awarding the degree will be the candidate’s understanding of the subject and a demonstrated ability to conduct independent research. In addition, the candidate must have the ability to express thoughts clearly, both verbally and in writing. The master’s program aims to develop an understanding of your field beyond the bachelor’s degree, emphasizing the conduct of original research, the application of theory to practice through real-life models, and the effective communication of information through from the appropriate channels.

Additional information about your program

The master’s program at UNIAMAZON is a tailor-made educational clothing suit. UNIAMAZON has developed a protocol to quantify and qualify an individual’s professional background, as well as their academic credentials, and grant academic credit to qualified students according to their true level of knowledge. After the initial review and evaluation, the student’s academic status is defined. This definition establishes the approximate number of Academic Credit Hours that the University will grant to the Student for the Degree Program designated by the Student.

Course development and curriculum is a collaborative activity, between the student and the academic advisor. Each student’s curriculum is unique and was developed as a result of the mutual efforts of the student, academic staff, and academic advisor. To meet the requirements of the Degree Program as established by the Academic Committee, the Student conducts research, (using the Internet or other Approved Resources), to research and select courses from at least 2 UNIAMAZON-approved colleges or universities, which They offer the same discipline. at the Master’s level, as a Student-designated Degree Program. The Student will select courses based on the Student’s need to acquire the knowledge and master the defined objectives, in the course descriptions and objectives, as detailed in the Course Catalogs of said Approved Institutions. The Student will be the initial referee of the selected courses. The culmination of the course selection process is the class session with the Academic Advisor. During this class, the Student’s Courses and Curricula will be established and approved. Master’s programs are available in many disciplines and demonstrate the student’s ability to undertake advanced work in the selected field of study. The cornerstone of the program is the master’s thesis, an original work in which the candidate’s mastery of the selected discipline, produces significant knowledge and findings based on original thinking and research, and contributes to the advancement of thinking and research. knowledge on a universal scale. The studies leading to the master’s degree are designed to provide the candidate with a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of their professional field, as well as training in.